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Dharshana Mehta enrolled in our Mental Health and Addiction Level 4 programme to give back to the community.

Dharshana worked as a Senior Security Officer in a hospital in Auckland for seven years before enrolling in the programme. With a background in psychology, Dharshana says she enrolled in the programme as she wanted to get into the industry.

“I wanted to give something back to the community,” she says.

Dharshana understands the value that a Mental Health and Addiction support worker can add to the community. 

“Helping people suffering from mental health improves their quality of life and makes them strong as individuals. They become independent and are able to support themselves,” she says.

Dharshana has recently graduated from the programme. She says she found her experience studying at Future Skills extremely humbling and gratifying. What she liked most during her time was the friendly environment. 

“It feels like you belong to one big family. The friendly environment not only helps in achieving the best academically, but also assists in personal growth. The place has a positive vibe that is beneficial for students.”

Dharshana speaks highly of her tutor, Dushmanta, who pushed her to keep going and encouraged her to study well.

“He is a good teacher – extremely intelligent and knowledgeable with a lot of experience,” she says.

The qualification has motivated Dharshana to study further and realise her dream of becoming a counsellor.

“I will pursue further education so as to fulfil my dream to become a counsellor,” she says.

We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.