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Angeline is studying Early Childhood Education at our Manukau campus.

Prior to studying, Angeline worked as a courier driver. It was while delivering couriers to our school, that she found out about our programmes and teaching facility.

Angeline loves children and always wanted do something meaningful with her life. Her family was extremely supportive of her decision to enrol to study and motivated her to pursue a career in teaching.

Going back to school and studying again was unnerving initially for Angeline but she is thankful to her teacher Leslie, who has been helping her a lot.

“I am enjoying the ride so far. I am trying to improvise and it is fun having Leslie by my side. I want to study well and start work to get to where I want to go, even if it means studying further,” she says. 

Angeline is one of the members of the Student Council in Manukau and is also an active participant in all events and activities around the campus including our recent St Patrick’s Day celebration.

“The campus gives us an opportunity to step out and do something that we don’t usually do in our lifestyle. We learn so much about different cultures, traditions and different celebrations,” she says.