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Graduate Angela Davidson’s inherent passion for caring for the elderly helped her find her true calling.

Ever since a young age, Angela had a penchant for caring for the elderly. This stemmed from her deep love and affection for her grandparents whom she lived with along with her parents as a child.

Angela completed her early education at Opaheke School then Rosehill College. It was upon completing Year 12 that she started looking into her options and signed up to work at Summerset Retirement Village in Karaka.

“I went there every week and I really enjoyed it,” she says.

It was while Googling programmes she could study after leaving school that Angela first came across the Health and Wellbeing Level 2 programme at Future Skills.

“I grew up looking after my maternal grandmother in a rest home. I loved working with the elderly and when I found out that there was a Health and Wellbeing programme about looking after the elderly, I got so excited that I applied for it immediately, which led me to study here,” she says.

Angela not only completed the Health and Wellbeing Level 2 programme but went on to study and complete the Health and Wellbeing Level 3 programme as well.

“I enjoyed the whole experience – learning, engaging with the class and going to school and studying what I love and what I am passionate about,” she says.

She is thankful to her tutors - Nazra from the Health and Wellbeing Level 2 programme and Donna from the Health and Wellbeing Level 3 programme - for their compassionate and caring attitude and to her classmates for their constant support.

“I enjoyed the experience of studying with them – they were so amazing, kind and helpful,” she says. 

Angela has words of advice for people looking to study at Future Skills: “If you ever want to do any programme and you hear about Future Skills, don't be afraid to apply for it. You will really enjoy the whole experience at Future Skills.”

Angela is currently looking to take up full time employment in a rest home. We are sure that her passion and love for the elderly will help her achieve her dreams. We wish her the best.